Friend Code Pawn Code Vocation Pawn Name Activity Level Inclinations Gender Pawn Detail
SW-7468-8503-0992 A139-007B-090C Fighter Mr. 11 Acquisitor Male Detail
SW-6117-9281-8617 D3AE-75F2-83C9 Fighter Kitty 19 Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-5515-7884-0013 53D0-28AD-0592 Fighter Felyiana 53 Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator Female Detail
SW-4176-1754-1028 3963-A877-052D Fighter Maew 54 Scather/Pioneer Female Detail
SW-5234-5969-4396 0EF-4970-7DID Fighter Kratos 86 Mitigator/Guardian Male Detail
8561-5215-8615 44DD-A5E6-2B63 Fighter Lan'nai 115 Scather/Mitigator Female Detail
Sw-4679-0606-6199 6527-52DD-BB67 Fighter Aarika 134 Scather/Mitigator Female Detail
SW696451247117 9DACDA7BD341 Fighter Guulthalak 200 Scather/Utilitarian/Nexus Male Detail
SW-2381-3962-2616 BB19-481C-E910 Fighter Wanda 200 Scather/Mitigator Female Detail
SW-1035-5492-0825 CAi7-3590-6BBF Fighter LEDA 200 Scather/Pioneer/Challenger Female Detail
6558-4690-9010 BFF8-CD2C-690E Warrior Luthien 21 Challenger/Scather/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-4883-1562-8504 A465-E6A8-AAE9 Warrior Gregory 39 Scather/Acquisitor Male Detail
SW-1156-5068-9223 AE57-42C3-7848 Warrior MaSe 118 Scather/Utilitarian/Medicant Female Detail
SW-1955-7344-2115 0952-ADBF-2085 Warrior Shantaneera 152 Scather/Pioneer/Utilitarian Female Detail
1582-3445-5807 04E2-IB0F-FBB6 Warrior Nissa 200 Pioneer/Scather/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-4693-3521-4712 913D-22B5-2125 Strider Vax'ildan 18 Mitigator/Challenger Male Detail
3063-8858-0994 7236-9421-5DF0 Strider Kate 20 Challenger/Scather/Mitigator Female Detail
Will follow 4433-9ACF-18A4 Strider Dorea 69 Scather/Challenger/Utilitarian Female Detail
Sw372730853997 4f46a6f7c811 Strider Queen 105 Challenger/Mitigator Female Detail
2322-0010-0662 4E15-BD01-E919 Strider Xela 115 Scather/Challenger/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-5794-1896-2390 320D-12DF-79C5 Strider Hawk 135 Scather/Challenger/Mitigator Male Detail
SW-4167-2740-4035 2D5B-E399-EE58 Strider June 145 Scather/Challenger/Pioneer Female Detail
SW-6765-6855-3099 12F3-237E-0455 Strider Erik 200 Scather/Pioneer/Utilitarian Male Detail
SW-3700-6283-5430 F2AB-3121-4D14 Strider Winter 200 Scather/Challenger/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-2040-3471-3357 DDF5-A4E5-B743 Strider Eda 200 Scather/Challenger/Utilitarian Female Detail
8589-1940-5493 57BE-3527-E681 Strider Ayame 200 Challenger/Scather/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW 3021 1950 6441 70EF 4C4C 26D0 Strider Silas 200 Scather/Utilitarian/Mitigator Male Detail
SW - 4074 - 3691 - 0917 AF29 - F7D2 - 7D6F Strider Anya 200 Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator Female Detail
Send Request from the rift 2F89-4EBF-0E96 Strider Garnet 200 Challenger/Utilitarian/Mitigator Female Detail
SW-2008-5376-7610 1801-7A88-055F Strider Lyn 200 Scather/Utilitarian/Mitigator Female Detail
SW 2908 1040 2040 64E50 0F68 1717 Strider Ciri 200 Acquisitor/Mitigator Female Detail
SW-1623-1204-1244 D4AD-9A43-4A65 Strider Ash 200 Acquisitor Female Detail
SW-3089-1710-3230 FC98-8CE2-DAFI Ranger Arya 35 Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-2348-3119-8310 F994-DA12-580A Ranger Lasurith 43 Challenger Male Detail
SW-2741-2429-3606 9C4B-0A8F-9BFB Ranger Vei 51 Utilitarian/Mitigator/Challenger Female Detail
SW 1318 3759 9779 F839 7C77 B3BA Ranger Fendros 65 Challenger/Scather/Mitigator Male Detail
SW-2272-0581-7143 A2A9-1394-FA51 Ranger Laerna 94 Guardian/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-7122-2211-4454 BEB4-3FF2-94BC Ranger Balthios 169 Mitigator/Challenger Male Detail
SW-3666-7025-9604 7421-48B1-86F4 Ranger Senua 200 Challenger/Utilitarian Female Detail
5481-0965-4993 AF32-F992-0A20 Ranger Aredhel 200 Challenger/Utilitarian/Scather Female Detail
Send request from the rift. AF83-07AF-FF4F Ranger Korp 200 Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian Male Detail
SW-4608-3034-9318 Di2B-7357-2ED2 Ranger Kaede 200 Challenger/Utilitarian/Scather Female Detail
SW-5411-6166-5817 3EA3-B967-0D3I Ranger Adonis 200 Utilitarian/Scather/Mitigator Male Detail
- 0EB7-B414-0BE4 Mage Jacquotte 16 Guardian/Medicant/Nexus Female Detail
SW-7405-1440-0146 EF66-28DB-7073 Mage Aster 82 Utilitarian/Medicant/Challenger Female Detail
SW-1312-6880-1529 84F4-CC13-649E Mage Laura Bailey 120 Medicant/Utilitarian/Scather Female Detail
SW-7792-3583-8111 255C-79D0-0C39 Mage Viktoria 170 Medicant/Utilitarian/Guardian Female Detail
8116-2911-4130 8D02-BD8E-0522 Mage Reize 200 Utilitarian/Challenger Female Detail
SW-7727-9558-6478 3444-E9C7-F764 Mage Dova 200 Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator Female Detail
SW-8362-1044-5437 8275-CB74-5A3E Mage Ash agi 200 Medicant/Pioneer Female Detail
2331-2354-6437 3B6B-B5E3-5C9A Sorcerer Maple 20 Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian Female Detail
SW-5182-4204-9823 AC3D-CIBF-A693 Sorcerer Ruruk 27 Acquisitor/Scather Male Detail
SW-0152-3147-3634 09BB-E31A-31DB Sorcerer Wygbold 51 Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian Male Detail
SW-7003-8067-5626 5F6A-34B4-6274 Sorcerer Athena 97 Scather/Nexus Female Detail
8047-1610-3820 304b-bd85-a7ic Sorcerer Rory Mercury 131 Scather/Challenger/Guardian Female Detail
SW-0695-1108-1029 2B74-4588-CIB6 Sorcerer Morrigan 133 Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator Female Detail
8124-6968-2692 F0EA-48C3-75EC Sorcerer Selene 157 Pioneer/Scather/Utilitarian Female Detail
5388-6742-0114 019B-E617-2A7E Sorcerer Jonathan 200 Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian Male Detail
SW-7858-7690-4781 F7F4-44DB-A7FB Sorcerer Ginger 200 Challenger/Mitigator/Scather Female Detail
Send request from the rift. 6938-5FFD-508B Sorcerer Orsa 200 Challenger/Mitigator/Medicant Female Detail
SW-0657-4780-4798 4B75-179A-A347 Sorcerer Storm 200 Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian Female Detail
4349 7277 3303 8B7E EAO(/0)3 EEIE Sorcerer Maylin 200 Challenger/Medicant Female Detail
SW 5359 0335 3800 746C 35AD 93FA Sorcerer Lunafreya 200 Challenger/Utilitarian/Mitigator Female Detail
SW-0000-1974-6726 C096-299D-EA38 Sorcerer Alkia 200 Scather/Challenger Female Detail
SW - 1113 - 5105 - 1159 EEC0 - 260E - 5903 Sorcerer Miyoko 200 Challenger/Utilitarian/Pioneer Female Detail