Viewing pawn: Nelandria

I'm working on gearing up my main character and my pawn as I progress. I'll be leveling fast so the more often you return my pawn and rest at the inn, the more often you'll have it updated. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I'll return the rental favors. My pawn will always try to maintain 100% resists in Blindness, Sleep, Possession, and Petrification throughout gear upgrades. If any issues with pawn rental costing too much RC, add me and send a message. I'll add you to make sure rentals are free. Looking For: 2x Wyrmking Rings, Cassardis Area Knowledge, and any unneeded BBI 3 Armors. Thanks!
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High Frigor / High Miasma / High Ingle
Holy Affinity / Fire Affinity / Ice Affinity
Clarion Dusk