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Xbox one Solid spellcaster pawn, she got your back and can deliver some powerful offensive spells. And support spells mainly holy affinity and high voidspell. Bestiary: 3 stars Daimon, cursed dragon, wyvern, drakes, ur-dragon, liches, wight, gorecyclopes, wraith, eliminator, Garm. Everything else in her bestiary is 2 stars except The Seneschal is only 1 star enemy. Gear is all Gold rarify. HP:3695. ST:3475 Magick offense: 2876 Defense: 755 Magick defense: 1099 Debilitation resistance: 100%: blindness, sleep, possession, silence, cursed, petrification, defense lowered.
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Grand Ingle, high voidspell, holy affinity
High miasma, high fulmination, High gicel
Blaze 9240