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Weapon- Sanguine Stalk(Gold Rarified) Equipment- All her equipment is Gold Rarified. Adept's Hat, Abyssinal Outfit, Carrion Mantle of Gradually Restores Health, Carrion Claws of Restores Stamina upon kill, Denim Hosen, Carrion Greaves of Sinew augment, Hellfire Cloak, Staff Bearer's Band, Dragonblood. Augments- Articulacy, Attunement, Acuity, Emphasis, Gravitas, Ferocity She has Full Bestiary, Quest, and Area Knowledge. She is an active participant in battles and will use appropriate spells for enemies to exploit elemental weaknesses and uses Miasma and Lassitude very efficiently and effectively. If anyone chooses to add me on Xbox, please message me as well if you're hoping to hire her for free, otherwise I fear I may not know to add you in return, if I see messages when I log on it'll help me to add people and make the process easier. I hope she serves all Arisen well!
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Grand Ingle - High Frigor - Grand Levin
High Miasma - High Lassitude - High Voidspell