Viewing pawn: (BESTSUPPORTMAGE) Snow Elf Eir

Snapshot view: fast-casting support | Legion's Might (self-revive) | Level 1 spells (significantly less interrupting) except silence/Halidom | is an adult | Augments: Gravitas, Intervention, Perpetuation, Beatitude, Articulacy, Sinew. ||| Carefully leveled so that he gains only levels in Fighter for the HP and DEF while gaining discipline in other vocations for the augments. This way he has max M.ATK for his elemental Enchantments, carry weight, and maximum up-time for spell casting ||| He will be kept at Level 50 for a long time so he can help end-New Game players (and NG BBI) in particular, but his lack of damaging offensive spells means he will not hard carry you if you are lower level and will waste no time channeling an offensive spell when he could be healing/cleansing/rebuffing you. Still useful for higher levels with Legion's Might as he's a tanky support. ||| Medicant 1st = heal at higher health & Enchants before fight. Pioneer 3rd = stay near for Adept Robe heal over time.
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Anodyne/High Halidom/High Silentium
Fire Boon/Holy Boon/Ice Boon