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[My lvl 200 'NPC' Pawn] Maeve is balanced around offline pawns and her appearance is set to match Rook's so she looks like a dev created pawn. Maeve is a Strider Pawn with fire enchanted weapons that has been conditioned to stay safe and use AOE arrow spells frequently. So long as players keep enemies off her, she will most likely use AOE arrows every alternate shot, hence, she pairs well with frontliners. Maeve destroys the Griffin and post-game bosses like the Wyverns but is unable to defeat Grigori and the Ur-Dragon solo. Compared to offline rift pawns, Maeve has offense slightly above average, however, she has defense slightly below average. Although great in Gransys, Maeve is terrible at BBI due to mixed offense stat growth (Strider 1 - 200). [About Me] I rushed through DD as I have DDed in the past, unfortunately, this pawn has no knowledge! Help me help her help others (at roleplay)!
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Cutting Wind / Instant Reset
Downpour Volley / Fracture Dart