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Meet Mity, a loyal and kinda timid ofensive sorcerer that'll blast your foes with the power of the (not all) 5 archmagicks. Have in mind that she's a "casual" pawn, with not optmized gear and a lot of learning to do. Any advices/recommendations on gear/skils/whatever are welcome, just pm me on steam :) Equips (In Tabs's order): (DF = Dragon Forged, SF = Silver Dragon forged, GF = Golden Dragon Forged) Hallowed Dragon DF Dragonwing Circlet DF Patterned Gamberson DF // Adept's Robe SF Gleaming Bangles GF Silk Tights DF //Apostate's Anklet SF Divine Embrace SF Sorcerer's Band // Staff-Bearer's Band
Pawn is inactive
Grand Ingle // High Gicel // High Levin
High Seism // High Necromancy // High Voidspell