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Peter Parker
- Augments: Opportunism, Adhesion, Eminence, Vehemence, Clout, and lastly either Fortune, Sinew, Acuity - Equipment: Rusted Bow, Framae Blades, Trophy Armor Set, Patterned Gambeson, Silk Tights, Hellfire Cloak, Strider's Band and Dragonblood. Recently sporting Abyssinal Armor Set (yay, Ur-Dragon!) Can sometimes be wearing Cursed King's Belt and Barbed Nails when boss hunting with Arisen. He can help you manage mobs and bosses with debilitation (poison/torpor,) and in return help him fill up his foe and location knowledge. Thanks!
Pawn is inactive
Hundred Kisses, Cutting Wind
Helm Splitter, Hailstorm Volley