Viewing pawn: Kuma

Quiet and polite on the road, but a good teacher in battle. Likes the sea. ISFP. As a fully starred stagger-ranger, Kuma's skill set is very simple so that he'll focus on ranged DPS and kill things quickly, but he'll definitely want a holy buff if you plan to take on physical resistant mobs (Living Armor, wraiths). I've geared him this way chiefly for farming Daimon and Death who are especially susceptible to stagger. Don’t give him anything you don’t want him to eat, drink, or use because he will. Your Salomets Secrets are not safe from Kuma. But give him some group curatives and he’ll keep everyone safe for you. He's also geared to gradually restore health and carry even more of your blast arrows than his sinew and leg-strength grant. You're more than welcome to friend me on Steam for free rents.
Pawn is inactive
Hundred Kisses, Instant Rest, Cutting Wind
Tenfold Flurry, Fearful Din (to encourage ranged behavior)