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Support mage - heals, shields, enchants, cures. Has been known to grapnel everything from elder ogres to Cassardis rabbits. Has Legion’s Might, so she revives herself when knocked out. Has mix of 3- and 2- star bestiary, with extensive BBI 3-stars and experience. Will use HFB and frigor when able. Has excellent resistances in the key areas. Keeps her frustration to herself when her Arisen walks out of the sigil immediately after she casts anodyne. HP 3113 St 2345 Mag 1514 Def 625 MDef 1286 Acuity Perpetuation Beatitude Articulacy Gravitas Attunement —- Legion’s Might GF/ Grave Veil GF / Noblewoman’s Corset ***/ Carrion Mantle GF / Carrion Claws GF / Delta Guard DF / Apostate’s Anklet SF / Nomad’s Cloak GF Poison 100% / Blind 100% / Sleep 100% / Possession 100% / Silence 100% / Cursed 100% / Petrification 94% / Def Lowered 100% / Mag Lowered 100% / Mag Def Lowered 100%
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High Frigor, High Grapnel, High Halidom
High Anodyne, High Spellscreen, Holy Affinity