Viewing pawn: Zeus

He's leveled 45 levels as ranger for extra stamina (3.7k) and rest leveled as pure sorcerer still left with fairly high magick attack (3.2k with augments) and equipped with a ring giving him a decent amount of health (3.8k). I have him equipped with mostly all end game BBI gear and weapon (Sanguine Stalk) which all is fully gold forged (Still working on getting him better pieces with the augment effects atm). He's skill equipped with spells to cover each of the 5 elements. I have his secondary spells only as tier 1, simply for quicker cast time (while still being very effective imo). His current foe knowledge is mostly mixed of ** and *** (Current Augments): Acuity, Attunement, Emphasis, Articulacy, Inflection, Stability *may change sometimes*
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Hing Levin, High Frigor, High Fulmination
Maelstrom, Bolide, Seism