Viewing pawn: Berzerker

Her name speaks for itself. Her style is charging in and slaughtering everything around her. She uses NO shield skills (still able to Perfect Block just fine tho) purposesly to make her much more aggressive in combat and to spam weapon skills more often. I leveled her Fighter 1-10 and the rest 190 levels as Warrior. She's a very well equipped Fighter with fully gold forged gear (with 100% knockdown and stagger resistance + the Stability augment effect from her leg armor) including the best Fighter weapon and shield (Devilsbane) and (Dread Aspis) (and usually +1 or +2 Barbed Nails). Her current foe knowledge is mostly *** with a few ** (Current Augments): Clout, Vehemence, Bastion, Proficiency, Predation, Egression *may change sometimes*
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Blitz Strike, Dragons Maw