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Celeste has three stars of knowledge for every enemy you'll encounter. With access to all five elements, she's the perfect pawn to aid you on your quest! Feel free to send a friend request if you're not Level 200 so you can hire her for no cost! ------------‐----------------------------- WEAPON: Dominion Claw (Gold Dragonforged) ------------‐----------------------------- ARMOUR: Dragonwing Circlet, Carrion Mantle, Abyssinal Outfit, Carrion Claws, Carrion Greaves, Delta Guard, Hellfire Cloak, (All Gold Dragonforged) ------------‐----------------------------- ACCESSORIES: Barbed Nails, Staff Enchanter's Band (Holy Affinity ==> Holy Pact) ------------‐----------------------------- AUGMENTS: Attunement, Acuity, Articulacy, Perpetuation, Beatitude, Emphasis ------------‐----------------------------- STATS: HP: 3368, Magick: 2997, Defence: 826, Magick Defence: 1266, Immunity to: Blindness, Sleep, Possession, Silence, Curse, Petrification, Lowered Defence
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High Comestion, High Frigor, High Levin
High Anodyne, High Grapnel, Holy Pact