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Izkrenn (Iss-Krin)
RACE: Goblin **** AUGMENTS: Eminence, Clout, Vehemence, Ferocity, Proficiency, Sinew **** 100% RESISTANCES: Posion, Torpor, Sleep, Possess, Silence, Skill Stifle, Petrify **** GEAR: Rusted Bow (Poison, Torpor), Mild Self-Regen, Stamina + On Kill, Stability Boots, Stamina 460 Ring **** REQUESTS: Feedback, Foe Knowledge, LV3 Armors. LV3 Gears ******** BACKGROUND: This Arizen-less stuntman turned rapper is co-frontman of The Zom-Bois, the upstart ambassadors of the emerging musical genre: 'pawn-hop.' In addition to his sick flips and slick kicks, 'SlobGoblin' (as he's known behind his back) spits fire both on the mic and the pan flute.
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Brain Splitter, Soaring Stone, Instant Reset
Downpour Volley