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Qalasch (Kah-Laysh)
RACE: Drake **** AUGMENTS: Inflection, Acuity, Attunement, Articulacy, Conservation, Sinew **** 100% RESISTANCES: Stagger, Knockdown, Blind, Sleep, Possess, Silence, Curse, Petrify, Def Down **** GEAR: Slight Self-Regen, Stamina + On Kill, Stability Boots, Savior Ring **** REQUESTS: Feedback, Golden Knight Knowledge, LV3 Gears, LV3 Armors ******** BACKGROUND: The diminutive drummer extraordinaire of The Gore-Goils, Gran Soren's premier 'pawn-core' rebels; whose tail based 'triple-kick' technique has defined the sound of The New Wave of Gransys Heavy Metal. Also a sorceress, her spells fuel the band's deafening, electric attack, as well as the pyro and lasers of their outrageous (and often injurious) live shows.
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