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Rhozrym (Raws-Rum)
LAST LETTER OF PSN ID USED TO BE 'O' BUT HAS NOW BEEN CHANGED TO 'N' **** AUGMENTS: Eminence, Clout, Vehemence, Ferocity, Egression, Stability **** 100% RESIST: Stagger, Knockdown, Torpor, Sleep, Possess, Silence, Skill Stifle, Petrify, Str Down **** GEAR: Iraklis (take and inflict more damage), 2 Self-Regen Armors, Sinew Boots, Str 97 ring, Str 85 ring **** REQUESTS: Feedback, LV3 Gears, 3-Star for Golden Knights ******** BACKGROUND: Bassist for the gang of rouge monstress myrmidons turned 'pawn-core' band, The Gore-Goils. Originally a jazz major at the University of Gran Soren, Roz was expelled for smashing her stand-up bass over the head of her professor when he berated her for playing with her teeth...or rather her bracelet of teeth she had collected from her other passion: 'Clops-Boxing.' She joined the band shortly after.
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Exodus Slash, Indomitable Lunge, Whirlwind Slash
Bunny Hop (hee hee!)