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Vurxauw (Vurr-Shaw)
RACE: Ogre **** AUGMENTS: Acuity, Attunement, Perpetuation, Ferocity, Articulacy, Stability **** 100% RESISTANCES: Blind, Sleep, Possess, Silence, Curse, Def Down **** GEAR: Slight Pawn Regen, Self-Buff Extender, Sinew Boots **** REQUESTS: Feedback, Foe Knowledge, LV3 Armors **** DOES NOT USE ANODYNE ******** BACKGROUND: The runt of his family, Vurxauw had it rough growing up as the littlest Ogre. He took up magic and the harp hoping they would help him make friends...yeah. Once he turned his harp on its side and started scratching it with his wand however, people started listening; and soon after adding beat-boxing to his repertoire, 'DJ VeeV' was jamming with the guys who would become the groundbreaking 'pawn-hop' act The Zom-Bois.
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Grand Ingle, Grand Levin, Holy Pact
H.Halidom, H.Spellscreen, H.Grapnel