Viewing pawn: Kyokuro

Weapons: (Gold Dragonforged) Devilsbane, Dread Aspis ---> Armor:(Gold Dragonforged) Laurel Circlet, Marshal's Bracers, Hellfire Armor, Hellfire Gauntlets, Full Chain Hosen, Hellfire Greaves, Hellfire Cloak. ---> Accessories: Master Ring (Thunder Resistance 21, Holy Resistance 25), Master Ring( Holy Resistance 26, Cursed Resistance 90) ---> Augments: Bastion, Awareness, Vehemence, Clout, Impact, Proficiency. ---> Stats: HP- 5589, ST- 2525, Primary Strength -3223, Secondary Strength -2059, Defense -1445, Magic Defense- 698. ---> Immune to: Torpor, Blindness, Sleep, Possession, Skill Stifling, Petrification, Cursed. ---> Other notes: Very tanky boy, with great damage and good crowd control. Will likely not get taken out, unless severely outnumbered by powerful enemies, or facing bosses with insta- kill attacks, like Death, Daimon or Drakes with their roar attacks, though he is usually smart enough to stay away from those.
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Burst Strike, Full Moon Slash, Dragon's Maw
Shield Storm, Sheltered Assault, Cymbal Onslaught