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Jun uses the Sapfire Daggers, a pair of fire enchanted daggers that can also inflict Lowered Defense. As a Secondary Weapon she uses Dragon's Ire which is also fire-enchanted. The Lowered Defense is her main goal. Armor: Abyssinal Outfit and Iron Bandings with Oblivion Armor, Hellfire Cloak and Siegfried Mask. The effects: Chest: Heal debilitations faster. Arms: Additional stamina at each kill. Legs: Aditional Stability. Everything is Gold Rarefied. She uses a Master Ring that increases Magical and Physical Damage accompanied by a Strider Band that perfects Skull Splitter and Hailstorm Volley. Augments: Eminence / Morbidity / Clout / Acuity / Attunement Tip: As Sapfire is enchanted with fire, it is a good idea to throw bottles of oil at enemies. You can achieve the same end using a weapon from the Aneled family. I am always open to feedback. Hire this pawn and I will return the favor! Cheers!
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Sapfire Daggers: Brain Splitter
Dragon's Ire: Fracture Dart / Hailstorm Volley