Viewing pawn: Veset

Augments: Perpetuation, Intervention, Attunement, Acuity, Articulacy, and Sinew. He's got balanced stats so he can be tanky for a support mage while being capable of meaningfully damaging BBI creatures/bosses. He also has Legion's Might; just in case he goes down he can self-res right away. Experimenting with Grand Anodyne, will remove if it gets interrupted too often. Same with Grand Brontide, so he can deal damage between support actions. Good for low-level summons (add friend for 0RC rent cost) since he won't carry you, and still useful for high(er)-level summons as he's a superior support pawn.
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Grand Anodyne/High Halidom/High Silentium
Fire Boon/Holy Boon/Grand Brontide