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Seniyqe (Sun-Eek)
RACE: Orc **** AUGMENTS: Clout, Vehemence, Precision, Sinew, Morbidity, Stability **** 100% RESISTANCES: Poison, Sleep, Possess, Silence, Skill Stifle, Petrify **** GEAR: Rusted Dagger (Poison, Torpor), Self-Regen, Stamina + On Kill, Assault Boots (Str+39), Str 97 ring **** REQUESTS: Knowledge, LV3 Armors, LV3 Gears ******** BACKGROUND: The Green Dream Scream Queen herself, Seniyqe is an archer, a leader, a prankster, and most importanly, vocalist of Gransys's most (in)famous 'pawn-core' band: The Gore-Goils. Learned to 'sing' as a child by listening to the grunts and howls of her Orc tribe as they rode into battle, and from the horrified shrieks of 'fleeing' villagers...
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Instant Reset, Cutting Wind
10-Fold Flurry, Corkscrew Arrow